Revised Terms of Play

Following the new Government Guidelines, playtimes will be a little different under our new “normal”

We will no longer be offering a Pay to Play service and customers will be required to ‘Book in Advance’ their play sessions.  So please don’t just turn up as we hate to disappoint and you may be turned away.

Payment will be required upon booking and playtime booking fees are non-refundable, so please be sure to book the correct session of your choice as we are unable to make changes without 3 working days notice.

When booking on behalf of your family or group bubble, please be aware that the Rule of 6 will apply.  Whilst there is no charge for baby siblings less than 6 months old, they should be counted as an individual and included in your “6”.   We reserve the right to cancel bookings over 6 in line with Government Guidelines.

Customers should not attend a play session if they are showing any signs of Covid-19 or have been unwell in the 14 days prior to visiting and we expect everyone to advise in advance by telephone if they are showing any of the known symptoms.

Our new NHS Test and Trace QR code has been placed on the window on our entrance doors and  there is another one on the notice board indoors for those using it.

Customer contact details will be retained for NHS Track and Trace purposes for a period of 21 days via our booking system.  All information will be stored for this purpose only in line with GDPR.  As details are retained for these purposes, please note that your booking is not transferrable to another person for this reason.

A limited number of paying children and adults per session will be admitted.

Upon arrival, please either wash your hands with the hand washing facility provided, or use the hand sanitising rub available.  This includes adults and children.  In the event that it is raining, you may wish to remain in your vehicle until such time as you can see reception our reception area is free.

We will be checking all guests temperatures, please let us know on arrival whether you wish us to use your foreheads or wrists.  Anyone showing a raised temperature  of above 37.8 degrees will not be permitted entry.  We will not be recording temperatures.

Please keep your distance and await your turn before entering the building.  Only one family in our reception area at once please.

When entering you will be asked to place your shoes into a basket.  This will then be placed inside your allocated ‘Cafe Booth’ so that its ready for departure via the ‘Cafe Doors’ at the end of your session playtime.  We remain a shoe free area and your shoes should not be replaced until its time to go home.

Each family will be allocated a ‘Cafe Booth’ where we will expect you to base your belongings for the duration of your visit.  Please do not leave bags, car seats or any other belongings in or around the play area.  We politely request that customers do not move furniture around between the booths or switch between booths.  Highchairs will be available.

Adults and children aged 11 and over should ensure that they are wearing a Face Covering before entering the building, in line with updated Government advice and these must be kept on until you leave.  Masks may be removed when eating or drinking only within your ‘Cafe Booth’.

One adult per child will be required to remain in the play area with your little person / people whilst they play.  We want to encourage free play but parents should encourage social distancing where possible.  Children should be encouraged up the steps to a slide and down the slide, no climbing the slides please.  We will be operating a ‘Keep Left’ policy, so adults please respect each others space!  Adults will be expected to socially distance at all times.  Please also respect staff and keep a minimum one meter distance.

Additional adults will be admitted and charged but must remain in the ‘Cafe Booth’.  Swapping over to cover playtime is allowable. When booking please do ensure that you have booked a minimum of one adult and one child.  Lone adults will not be permitted.

Our Cafe will be Open during your session time, there may be a restricted menu, depending on the session time that you have selected.  Ordering can take place at the cafe and screens for staff and customer protection are in place.  If you wish to eat during your playtime session, we encourage pre-ordering so that its ready when you sit down. Cash and Card transactions accepted.  We have removed our minimum card spend but are happy to run a table tab if  required.  Food trays will be delivered to your table at your requested time.

As we will be operating smaller sessions, we have removed our NO Photography policy, so you will be able to take photographs whilst visiting and making memories!  Please do respect the privacy of both staff and other customers when using your cameras.

You will see some changes, our ball pool and high risk toys have been removed.  Toys will be exchanged at the beginning of each session and time between sessions will be allocated for cleaning.  Along with an enhanced cleaning regime, we will be using a barrier product which conforms with the relevant British Standards. ISO13485, ASTME 1052, EN1040, EN1275, EN1650, EN13623, EN13697, EN13704, EN13727, EN14347, EN14348,EN14349,EN14476, EN14675.

Ventilation is important and so we will have windows and doors open to allow a free flow of fresh air.  Please therefore come suitably dressed with something warm to put on if needed.  Socks remain mandatory in all areas for everyone.

Please respect the signage for CLOSED AREAS, these are closed for a reason and access is not permitted.

We will Ring our Play Bell five minutes before the end of play time.  Please make sure that upon hearing the bell you begin making preparations to leave.  Unfortunately time between sessions for cleaning is limited and so it is imperative that customers vacate the building promptly on time.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, however policy is strict and its important for everyones safety that we all adhere during these unprecedented times.


All our Usual “House Rules” still apply – including:

Only food purchased on our premises may be consumed here, so no need to bring a picnic.

Our play equipment is suitable for use by little ones only, Adults are therefore politely reminded not to sit on, stand on or use any of the equipment within our premises.

Socks are mandatory at all times.

*Please be aware that these Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time in line with Government Guidelines as and when they are issued.  Please check back for any changes.  In accepting the Terms you are accepting of this.