Tots Garden!

Tots Garden is currently Closed for the Winter months, but keep posted as we hope to get the garden open as soon as Spring arrives and the weather conditions improve!

During the Summer Months, we’ve plenty outdoors to enjoy and explore…. offering an opportunity for parents to relax in the knowledge that their little ones are safe and within view.

Our outdoor ‘Snack Shack’ offers you the opportunity to purchase snacks, refreshments and picnics for your enjoyment.

Its a sunny little spot, so Don’t forget to SLIP some spare clothes into your bag, just incase,  SLOP on plenty of suncream and SLAP on a Hat!

As we  have two different play zones, one shoe free and one where shoes are required, please ensure that you still bring socks for all as these will be required whilst indoors!

Shoe bags will be provided!

All food consumed on our premises is governed by Environmental Health and we do not therefore allow the consumption of your own food whilst on our premises. A Picnic brought from home is therefore not required and your co-operation is much appreciated.

All usual house rules apply outdoors to ensure everyones safety and privacy at all times.

** Our garden is open daily, weather permitting through the spring / summer months.  As our Teeny Tiny Tots sessions are not aimed at confident walkers, our garden will Close at 1.30pm on Tuesday’s and Thursdays and will remain closed during these session times.